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Dodge Trucks

Pickup Truck Review – Dodge Ram 1500

The Dodge Ram 1500 has had an interesting history and undergone a number of changes over its history.  Dodge has been offering a variety of full-sized pickup trucks for decades, but the Dodge Ram 1500, in its current state, has only been a small part of the puzzle.  For the most part, Dodge was also… Read More »

Ford Trucks

Ford Cheap Trucks For Sale In Rockford, IL

Some people are surprised at the number of Ford cheap trucks for sale in Rockford, IL.  For a majority of outsiders, the assumption is the Chrysler dominates the local market because it is 3rd largest employer in the area.  To an extent, this is true for cars, but definitely not for trucks.  The Midwest is… Read More »

Used Trucks

Find Cheap Used Trucks in Kansas City

If you are trying to find cheap used trucks in Kansas City then it is important to understand that there are certain places that you should look as well as places to avoid.  By understanding where to look, you are already well ahead of most people.  More importantly, once you know where to look, you… Read More »

Toyota Trucks

Why Buy A Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck

There have been a handful of important changes to the Tundra over the past few years and if you haven’t noticed, then you may be wondering, why buy a Toyota Tundra pickup truck? In the beginning, the Tundra was designed in the hopes of directly competing with the Big 3 (Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge) in… Read More »

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