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Over the last few years, it has become easier to find Nissan truck auctions in Billings, MT, however that doesn’t mean that you will see one every week.  For the most part, the roads are still dominated by Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, however Nissan has become the most popular foreign built truck on the road.  Currently, you have two different trucks to choose from – the Titan and the Frontier.  Both of these trucks have different benefits because they serve different purposes.  Here is a closer look at what these trucks have to offer as well as how you can get the best deal possible on each of them.

If you are trying to find Nissan truck auctions in Billings because you are interested in the Titan, then hopefully you have already decided that a full sized truck is what you want.  The Titan has been around since 2004, which means that all of the Titans in these auctions should still be in very good condition.  Thanks to Nissan’s plant in Canton, Mississippi, the Titan got a much warmer welcome than many other foreign trucks.  Early on, the Titan quickly outpaced the traditional powerhouses in the full sized truck category.  If you are looking for this type of late model truck, then the Titan is a great choice.  The only potential drawback to recent models is that there isn’t a heavy-duty option and the interior design hasn’t changed much since it was first introduced.  Overall, the Titan has proved to be extremely reliable, which means that you may find a better value out of the earlier releases.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Nissan Frontier.  While it may technically be a compact truck, the most recent generation feels a lot more like a mid-sized pickup.  Once you find Nissan truck auctions in Billings take a close look at the Frontier listings.  This truck has two distinct generations, which the most recent being larger and more powerful, although both generations are rugged and extremely versatile.  The current generation was introduced in 2005.  While many people will be targeting the newer Frontier because of its added size and power, the first generation Nissan Frontier has established itself as one of the best used compact trucks on the market.

Once you find Nissan truck auctions in Billings, deciding which truck to target should be considered a priority.  Since the Titan is a full sized truck and boasts more power than the Frontier, it will normally carry a higher price at auctions, although that doesn’t mean that you still won’t get a great deal.  It is also important to consider how old you want your trucks to be.  If you are only interested in a Nissan which is only a year or two old, then repossession auctions are likely to be your best bet.  If you don’t mind getting a truck that is a few years older, then you will have a lot more options.

Overall, the Titan and the Frontier have both proven to be great used trucks.  After you find Nissan truck auctions in Billings, MT, the biggest decision you have to make is which model you want and how to get the best deal.

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