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Dodge Trucks

Pickup Truck Review – Dodge Ram 1500

Don’t let the big size fool you. Dodge Ram 1500 packs a lot of power, but it provides a very comfortable and silent ride. Although it tends to fall short with hauling and towing compared to its rivals, it makes up for its downside with its excellent safety rating, fuel economy, luxurious cabin, price, and… Read More »

Dodge Trucks

Pickup Truck Review – Dodge Ram 1500

The Dodge Ram 1500 has had an interesting history and undergone a number of changes over its history.  Dodge has been offering a variety of full-sized pickup trucks for decades, but the Dodge Ram 1500, in its current state, has only been a small part of the puzzle.  For the most part, Dodge was also… Read More »

Dodge Trucks

Dodge Ram Truck Sales in Detroit

There are always Dodge Ram trucks sales in Detroit, the key is knowing where to find them and what type of trucks to target.   A majority if the trucks that you find will be from the last decade and a half, however there are older models available.  There are three basic types to choose from… Read More »

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