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Used Pickup Truck Review – 2015 RAM 1500

It’s hard to find full-size truck that is physically beautiful, but 2015 Ram 1500 is. In fact, many auto experts have called the physical design, both the interiors and exteriors, to be award winning. Not only that, it comes with a very powerful engine.

Physical Design

The 2015 Ram 1500 is a beauty by truck standards, and it’s hard to ignore it once it passes. Outside, it looks imposing with the chrome grille at the front and a combination of high steel and chrome rear bumper. The wheels don’t fall short either, as users can take a pick among aluminum and chrome.

Inside, the seats are a great fit to the body with excellent support to the back and shoulders, and with the leather covers with quality stitching, the truck certainly feels very luxurious and elegant, two words that you don’t normally associate with trucks. Users are also treated with sunroofs, heated seats, and navigation controls and features that are very easy to use.

Power and Performance

Using a three-liter Ecodiesel V6 engine is considered by Kelley’s Blue Book as one of the strengths of 2015 Ram 1500, which means the truck can travel at a very minimal noise even when it’s already in full power. The engine also allows the vehicle to deliver 240 horsepower and 420 pounds per foot torque, as well as an oil change for at least 8,000 miles, which somehow makes the vehicle less of a hassle to maintain.

The truck also has an excellent air suspension, and users won’t have a hard time transitioning between height and better clearance with a mere push of a button and while lowering the drag.

Many of its users, on the other hand, appreciate the good gas mileage, which is another thing you won’t really expect in full-size trucks. It can achieve at least 27 mpg when on the highway and 22 when in the city.


As far as safety is concerned, the truck scored only 7 in Edmunds, calling the results of the crash tests to be mediocre. However, it has received four stars from the National Highway Traffic Administration, and compared to the older models, this may have better safety features. The truck comes equipped with a rearview camera and a hill-start assist. It also features stability controls and airbags.

Driving and Costs

As much as it is powerful, it may also be quite a challenge to park in tight spaces. Also, for a possible used car price of $36,000, it can still be very expensive for you. However, you can minimize your acquisition costs by buying the truck in an auto auction, where the best bid price may be more than half les the actual book value of the vehicle. Auto auctions also allow you to check out other vehicles that can be great substitutes to Ram 1500 including Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra 1500.

If you don’t mind spending more in exchange for comfort, luxury, and power, then make it a promise to get this truck.

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