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Some people are surprised at the number of Ford cheap trucks for sale in Rockford, IL.  For a majority of outsiders, the assumption is the Chrysler dominates the local market because it is 3rd largest employer in the area.  To an extent, this is true for cars, but definitely not for trucks.  The Midwest is considered to be Ford and Chevy country for a reason.  Plus, the Ford headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan isn’t that far away.  There are a number of reasons that you can find a quality used Ford in the Rockford area.  At the same time, no matter many used Fords are on the market, some of them will never be cheap, so it is important to target the right ones.

Why Can You Find Ford Cheap Trucks For Sale in Rockford, IL?

There are several potential explanations as to why there are a growing number of Ford trucks available in the area for a lower price than they were a decade ago.  The first thing to keep in mind is how large Rockford actually is.  If you are unfamiliar with the area, Rockford is actually the second largest city in all of Illinois, behind Chicago.  The volume of Ford trucks on the road inherently increases the number of them that you find for sale. 

rockford used trucks

Another thing to consider is the area itself.  There are two environmental factors that contribute to the number of Ford trucks in the area.  The first is that being in the Midwest, Rockford residents deal with all 4 distinct seasons, most importantly winter and late spring.  In the winter months, a lot of cold air and snow slide down from Canada and the spring features a ton of very violent, heavy storms.  Both these conditions make owning a Ford very valuable because the roads can be unpredictable to navigate at certain points in time.  The other factor is that many residents in this area love the outdoors.  There are a lot of great places like Rock River, Loves Park, and Machesney Park in which a Ford truck is very helpful to have.

Plus, on top of all of this, there is a very poor public transportation system when compared to comparable sized cities.  This makes owning a vehicle more essential in Rockford than other areas with a similar population.  Plus, Rockford is a central link between Chicago, Madison (WI), and Dubuque (IA) via highways.  This creates a lot of foot traffic from surrounding areas.  More importantly, smaller surrounding communities will bring their used Ford trucks to sell in Rockford.  This increases the number of trucks for sale in the city, which naturally deflates the overall prices.

If You Are Trying to Find Ford Cheap Trucks For Sale in Rockford – Then Avoid Certain Models

There are a few models of Ford trucks that hold their value extremely well.  This means that if you are trying to target used Ford trucks that are a little cheaper, then avoiding the models that hold their value the best is key.  For example, the Ford 450 Super Duty is not only the most expensive truck when buying it at retail prices, but it also holds it value the best.  It is super durable and lasts for an exceptionally long time.  Another Ford truck that carries a high retail value and holds its value well is the Ford F150 SVT Raptor.  It is a little sportier, so the target market is a little smaller.  This keeps the price high.

So Which Models Should You Focus On When Trying to Find Ford Cheap Trucks For Sale in Rockford, IL?

For the most part, you want to try and target the models most commonly used as fleet trucks as well as the most popular trucks bought by consumers.  This is because these Ford trucks will be most accessible on the secondary market.  The more that are available, the lower the price.  The Ford F150 and F250 are excellent examples of this.  Ford is one of the few manufacturers that has increased their share in the fleet sales market and the F Series is a big reason for this.  Additionally, the F Series is consistently the most popular series of trucks sold every year.  This means that used truck market is flooded with these trucks.  While they will hold their value well, in terms of quality and reliability, there are so many of them available that the price still remains low.

Another great choice that is often overlooked is the Ford Ranger.  If your ultimate goal is simply to find the cheapest used Ford truck on the market, then the Ranger is what you should target.  The retail value is normally a bit lower than any of the F Series, plus it is not considered to be best compact truck on the market.  This means that it won’t hold its retail value as well as the F Series.  The basic tools in the Ranger haven’t changed a lot in the past decade, whereas other compact truck manufactures have made a lot of improvements.  This doesn’t mean that the Ranger is a bad choice, but rather it is not a retail purchase.  On the other hand, on the secondary market the Ford Ranger provides you with excellent value.  Keep in mind that it is still a compact truck, so if you need some more power then sticking with the F Series is still the best idea.

In the end

In the end, you can definitely find Ford cheap trucks for sale in Rockford, Illinois.  There are a combination of variables that make Ford trucks an especially good deal in this area of Illinois.  Not only are there a growing number of Fords on the streets and in fleets, but the harsh winter snows and summer storms give most residents a reason to own a truck.  Plus, there are a lot of popular outdoor activities that require trucks as well.  Now that you have a better idea of which models provide you with the most value at the lowest prices, finding a great deal shouldn’t be a problem.

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