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Cheap Nissan Frontier Trucks Sold at Cambridge, MA Auctions

There always seems to be cheap Nissan Frontier trucks sold at Cambridge, MA auctions.  Cambridge offers some unique variables that you need to understand in order to not only locate the right auctions, but understand why they offer you a unique opportunity.  At the same time, if you are in the market solely for a Frontier, then it is critical that you understand some of the big changes that have happened over the last 5 to 10 years.  This will ensure that you don’t waste time at auctions trying to get caught up with the basic information that you should already have. 

nissan truck auction

What Make Cambridge auction So Unique?  Why Are Cheap Nissan Frontier Trucks Sold There?

If you aren’t familiar with the Cambridge area, then a little bit of background information is needed.  While Cambridge is an independent city, it is also considered to be part of the Greater Boston area.  This means that you will likely see Nissan Frontiers sent over from other cities and suburbs that are part of the Greater Boston area.  If you want to widen your scope, then some nearby areas to consider looking at include Somerville, Belmont, Watertown, and Arlington.

One thing that is important to understand is that Cambridge has an excellent mass transit system.  This means that, in general, you will be able to find an older Frontier that has a comparatively lower mileage than in other areas of Massachusetts.  Plus a good mass transit system also means that there is less congestion on the road.  This is incredibly important to keep in mind because it means that the city driving wear and tear will often be less apparent than other areas of the Greater Boston area. 

If You Find Cheap Nissan Frontier Pickup Trucks Sold at Cambridge Auctions – Know What You Are Looking At

So far, there have been two generations of Nissan Frontiers since it was first introduced to the marketplace.  This means that there is one year in which a lot of changes have been made.  For the Frontier, it was 2005.  This is the first year of the second generation Frontier.  The reason that this is essential for you to know is that the second generation has much more power, greater styling, and larger overall dimensions.  This means that second generation Frontiers will likely be a little more expensive at Cambridge, MA auctions than the earlier version.

Outside of looking solely at what generation of Frontier you are going to bid on, there are some additional characteristics that will affect the average price that you will end up paying at auctions.

The first thing is the cab.  There are 4 basic cab-types for the Nissan Frontier which are the Crew Cab, Extended Cab, and King Cab.  All of these cab sizes will carry a different value.  It is important that you decide on one or two cab sizes that you want to target because this will allow you to have a greater chance of spotting a great deal on a cheap Nissan Frontier at an auction. 

If you really want to get the best looking Frontier as cheap as possible, you might want to try and target one that was released between 2001 and 2005.  In 2001, Nissan gave the Frontier a much stronger, more aggressive look.  This is also the same year that Nissan started offering a super-charged 3.3-liter V6.  This will give you that extra bit of power that some people feel is lacking from the standard Frontier.  If power isn’t a huge concern, then the super-charged engine may not matter as much.

The one thing to keep in mind is that while your priority is finding a cheap Nissan Frontier at an auction, you still want to make sure that you are buying a quality vehicle.  This is why you need to focus on a handful of potential options rather than any Nissan Frontier that you see.  If you buy a Nissan Frontier and end up having to pay for $5000 worth of repairs, then it didn’t end up actually being that cheap.  This is why having that extra time to do in-depth research on a few target Nissans will end up being much more productive than looking for the one with lowest initial price. 

By showing up with a plan and a solid understanding of the vehicles release history will make it much easier land one of the cheap Nissan Frontier trucks at Cambridge, MA auctions.  This means that you need to understand what to expect from an auction in the Cambridge area as well as how the Frontier has changed over the last decade.

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