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If you are searching Michigan gov truck auctions for reliable used trucks, then you might have seen a lot of solid opportunities.  The State of Michigan offers a variety of extreme weather conditions which makes it incredibly important for the government fleet to have reliable trucks on staff.  This turns into a great deal for you because eventually these trucks are sold at a government auction.  The key is knowing what types of trucks they are using and identifying which ones will likely offer you the most reliable solution.  To give you an idea of what to expect, here is a quick look at how the government uses these trucks as well as the most commonly found trucks at Michigan gov auctions.

Why Does the Michigan Fleet Need Reliable Trucks?

There are several reasons that the State of Michigan requires trucks that are well known for reliability.  The first reason is that Michigan is known for having spurts of very extreme weather throughout the year.  This is especially true in terms of snowfall and violent summer storms.  Every vehicle that Michigan buys has to be reliable, but this is even more important for their trucks. 

Every state has certain functions that all of their trucks are used to complete.  In many cases this involved outdoor projects such as road work and park maintenance, however Michigan has a little bit extra to deal with.  It has the longest freshwater coastline of any political subdivision in the entire world.  This includes 4 of the Great Lakes as well as other natural water sources.  In fact, some surveys have stated that no matter where you are in Michigan, you will never be more than 6 miles from a natural water source.  In order to maintain all of these resources, the Michigan government has to purchase a lot more trucks than most other states.  More importantly, because a lot of these areas can be difficult to get to, these trucks have to be exceptionally durable, reliable, and well-maintained.

What Reliable Used Trucks Are Available at Michigan Gov Truck Auctions?

As a general rule, most government entities try to purchase American made vehicles whenever possible and it is no different when it comes to trucks.  There are certain types of trucks that tend to turn up at Michigan gov truck auctions more than the rest.  Here is a quick look at a few of them.

The 3/4 Ton Chevy has become a major part of the Michigan’s fleet of trucks.  The K3500 is an extremely reliable truck that is normally good for a minimum of 300,000 miles without a lot of bid maintenance issues.  They are extremely powerful and have the towing/hauling capabilities that will meet the needs of pretty much everyone.

The Ford F250 is also a very common truck that can be found at Michigan gov truck auctions.  The Ford F250 doesn’t quite have the towing capabilities of the K3500, but that’s because it is a 1/2 Ton truck.  At the same time, it will still have more than enough power for the average person.  Most people think that they need a lot more power than they actually do.  In fact, the Ford F250 will likely have more power than you will ever need – even if you are doing a lot of towing.

If you have decided to start searching Michigan gov truck auctions for reliable trucks, then you should find what you are looking for.  Michigan requires a lot more trucks than most other states because of its geography.  At most auctions you will find the Chevy K3500 and Ford F250 almost every time.  These are not the only trucks you will find, but they are definitely the most common and often the most reliable.

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