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Find Cheap Used Trucks in Kansas City

If you are trying to find cheap used trucks in Kansas City then it is important to understand that there are certain places that you should look as well as places to avoid.  By understanding where to look, you are already well ahead of most people.  More importantly, once you know where to look, you can create a strategy to make sure that you pay as little as possible, while also getting the highest quality truck possible.  Here is a quick look at dealerships, buying direct from owners, and truck auctions – what they have to offer and how likely you are to actually find cheap used trucks in Kansas City with each of these methods.

Can You Find Cheap Used Trucks in Kansas City From A Dealership?


Kansas City has a lot of used truck dealerships to choose from, but that doesn’t mean that you will actually be able to find a quality truck at a cheap price.  The big mistake that a lot of people make is confusing a low monthly payment with buying a cheap truck.  Let’s start by looking at why it is nearly impossible to buy a cheap truck from a dealership.  Of all three of options, dealerships work with the slimmest margins.  They first have to purchase a truck and then resell it for a profit.  Plus, they have a lot of overhead including rent, utilities, and paying salespeople.  All of these expenses are added into the cost of each truck.  This makes it incredibly unlikely that they will even offer you a cheap truck of any quality.  If you do find one, there is a good chance that there is something wrong with it.

More importantly, dealerships will try to convince you that the truck is cheap by showing you the monthly payments.  It is important to remember that the lower the monthly payment, the longer you will be paying it off.  Plus, the higher the interest rate normally is.  If you can get a loan directly from your bank, then this minimizes the expense, but it is still an additional fee that you don’t have to pay.  It is also important to remember that the loan you get from the dealership will almost never be your best option.  They work with lending institutions that pay them bonuses to push customers to get loans through them.  This means one most cost that gets pushed off onto you.

Can You Find Cheap Used Trucks in Kansas City Buying Directly From An Owner?


There is always a chance that you will get a cheap used truck buying directly from an owner, but in most cases it isn’t your best option.  One thing to keep in mind is that most owners are more than happy to not sell you their truck.  They will wait until someone pays the amount that they are asking.  This provides you with a lot less negotiating leverage that you might assume that you have.  Plus, if you aren’t a good negotiator, then you are definitely at a disadvantage. 

Again, you also need to consider the quality of the used truck.  If there is a problem with the truck, the owner will do everything in their power to keep you from finding out about it.  Just because it’s cheap, it may not be a good deal.

Can You Find Cheap Used Trucks in Kansas City From A Truck Auction?


Of the three options, Kansas City truck auctions are always going to be your best option.  This is because the auction house doesn’t really care how much any particular truck will go for.  They will get their commission no matter what.  This puts you in the position of power.  You can bid on any used truck that you want and only pay as much as you want.  Of course, you will be bidding against other people, but at most of these auctions, there will be so many trucks available, you will be able to find a few that are getting very little interest from other bidders.  These are the trucks that will give you an opportunity for the best deal.

The key to finding cheap used trucks in Kansas City is having a little bit of flexibility.  If you are only interested in a certain make and model, then there will be some limit as to how cheap you will get it.  On the other hand, if you are focusing only on getting a quality truck and leave the specifics open to change, then you will dramatically improve your odds of landing a cheap used truck very quickly.

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