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Sport Trucks For Sale at Truck Auctions in Fontana, CA

If you are looking for sport trucks for sale at truck auctions in Fontana, CA then you are in the right place.  It shouldn’t be surprising the city which houses the Auto Club Speedway and a variety of racing and NASCAR events plays host to fast trucks too.  The people of Fontana love speed – and why shouldn’t they?  A lot of people who aren’t familiar with sport trucks may not really understand what they are or what makes them unique.  Here is a quick introduction to sport trucks and what they have to offer.

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In the most general terms, a sport truck is any truck that has been modified in performance, and normally appearance as well.  One thing that you will notice when looking at sport trucks for sale at truck auctions in California is that they tend to have custom paint jobs.  Another commonality is that the trucks have been dropped (lowered) to create a lower center of gravity.  This isn’t just for looks, it is so that the truck is most stable when turning and improves overall handling.  At the same time, it is important to note that this does take away its off-roading abilities.  Fortunately, this normally won’t take away from the towing and hauling abilities.  Keep in mind that many sport trucks tend to be 2 wheel drive.  This is because the common front-end suspension of a 4 wheel drive truck will prevent lowering. 

Many of the sport trucks for sale at truck auctions in Fontana will also have a variety of interior and exterior modifications as well.  Custom wheels are almost considered an essential modification.  In most cases, the wheels will be larger than stock wheels, normally a plus-1 to plus-3 for every inch added to the diameter.  To ensure that the overall circumference is the same, the tire aspect ratio will be 10 less than normal.  When it comes to custom paint, imagination is the only limit.

If you keep a watchful eye out, there could be a few factory sport trucks for sale at truck auctions in Fontana.  From time to time, manufacturers produce regular trucks that are customized at the factory and sold through regular truck dealers.  There have even been a few that can outrun the majority of the common high performance cars in a quarter mile sprint.  Some of the more well-known sport packages include the Chevy S-10 SS and C-1500 Sport, Dodge Ram Sport, Dodge Ram Super Sport, and the GMC Sierra GT.  If you really want to see something special, there were also a few very desirable special edition sport trucks.  All of them were limited in production and are definitely harder to find.  Some of the best include the: Dodge Dakota Convertible, Dodge Ram Indy 500, Dodge Shelby Dakota, Ford Lightning, Chevy 454 SS, and Several GMC’s (Sonoma GT, Syclone, and Typhoon).

Sport trucks are a unique taste that not everyone understands however once you experience them, you will know why they are so great to own.  If this is your first time experimenting with them, or just want to get a great deal, then make sure to check out sport trucks for sale at truck auctions in Fontana, California.

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