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Ford Trucks Going Cheap Online in Washington, DC

There seems to always be Ford trucks going cheap online in Washington, DC.  A lot of people don’t look at Washington, DC as a great place to buy a used car or truck, primarily because they don’t understand the area.  The truth is that it is goldmine for good truck deals.  The key is knowing a few key points about the area and knowing where to find these auctions.  Here is a closer look at these 2 keys for finding a great deal on a Ford truck.

Why Are Ford Trucks Going Cheap Online in Washington, DC?

Washington, DC is actually bordered by Virginia and Maryland and has a population of around 600,000.  More impressively, during the workweek, the population jumps to more than a million.  Even more importantly, the Washington Metro Area is more than 5.6 million people.  So why does this matter?  There are several reasons.

ford truck online auction

One of the most important characteristics is that Washington, DC acts a hub for the metro area.  For Ford truck auctions, this means that in most cases the trucks up for auction can come from the entire metro area.  In many cases, surrounding less populated areas will send trucks to these auctions as well in order to them in front of more buyers.  This means that if you are searching the area for Ford trucks, these auctions are your best bet for a good deal.

Another reason that Washington, DC is unique is because a lot of workforce is consistently moving to and from the area.  This is primarily due to people getting jobs in the area, such as interns for political figures, lobbyists etc.  This younger workforce really doesn’t know what to expect.  The truth is that a lot of people in Washington, DC rely on public transportation because simply owning a truck can be expensive.  Space is expensive and parking is expensive.  Within a few months of being in the area, a lot of these people will sell their Ford truck in an auction to save money.  This keeps a steady stream of Ford trucks on the market and at auctions.

Finally, Washington, DC was one of the first areas to really embrace online auctions as the primarily model of holding an auction.  This is because a majority of people interested in these trucks don’t live in Washington, DC.  They live in surrounding areas and surrounding states.  By going online, it is much easier for auction houses to reach their target market of buyers.

Where to Find Ford Trucks Going Cheap Online in Washington, DC

Now that you know online auctions are going to be the best resource for actually getting Ford trucks that are going cheap in Washington, DC the next question is how to actually find and use these auctions for maximum results.

The first thing that you need to understand is that most if not all online auction sites span the country.  There are very few sites that only provide services to Washington, DC.  This means that you need to find one or two high quality online auction sites that you can trust.  They will normally provide listings for auctions across the entire country.

The next step is filtering the results so that you can target the exact Ford truck that you want, from the area of the country that you want.  In this case, you want to choose either Washington, DC or the Washington Metropolitan Area.  Either way, they will focus on this same geographic area.  Once you choose a geographic area, you will have hundreds or thousands of vehicle listings in front of you.  This is nearly impossible to handle, so you need to filter the results even more.  There are a variety of different parameters that you can use.  In this case, you want to start by choosing Ford and then limiting the results to trucks.  This will shorten the number of listings to only the ones that interest you.  If you still have too many listings, then feel free to limit the results even more.  You can set a mileage limit, so that you only see trucks that have a certain number of miles.  You can even limit the results to a specific make or model that interests you. 

Another thing to consider when looking at these listings is what type of auction you prefer.  In general, there are two options – live and pre-bidding.  With a live auction, you will be bidding live as the auction is going on.  This is a great solution if you have multiple Ford trucks that you are interested in.  If you comfortable with this approach, it is also a great way to spot the perfect opportunity to find the cheap Ford truck that you are interested in. 

The other option is pre-bidding auctions.  If you won’t be available for the live auction or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of sitting in front of your computer all day, then this is the type of auction that will best fit your needs.  With these auctions, you will see listings a few weeks before the auction ends.  You will then place your maximum bid and let the software do the auto-bidding for you.  It will automatically place your bid in a certain incremental amount until it reaches your maximum bid.  The one thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to bid on 5 different Ford trucks simultaneously because you may end up placing the highest bid on all 5.  Try to limit your bids to 2 or 3 Ford trucks.  You can also wait and get online an hour or two before the bidding closes and place your bid then.  This will let you know which Ford trucks have gone out of your price range so that you can focus on the ones that are still going cheap.  There are a lot of Ford trucks going cheap online in Washington, DC, but it is up to you to take advantage of them.

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