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Government Truck Auction Deals in Newport News, VA

If you are looking for government truck auction deals in Newport News, VA then it is critical that you know where to look and what types of auctions to expect.  Newport News is the 5th largest city in Virginia and is a unique blend of transportation options.  This is important for you because the ports and variety of interstate and state highways makes this an excellent location for government auctions.  This is particularly true if you are looking for trucks.

Where To Look For Government Truck Auction Deals in Newport News

There are a variety of different places that you can look for government auctions, this primarily because there are a range of different types of auctions to choose from.  If you have never looked for government auctions before, then you may not know where to start.  The easiest and most convenient place to begin your search is the internet.  More and more government auctions are found on the internet.  Many government agencies have discovered that the internet is the ideal way for them to not only announce the auction, but also to provide detailed information about it.

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There are a variety of different online resources that you can use.  Most people will jump straight to the classifieds, however this can cause problems because the government will rarely ever post information about their auctions in online classifieds.  This is because they don’t feel the need to compete with all of the other listings.  Instead, they will create a master list that can often be found on their specific websites.  The problem is that if you don’t know which websites these are, then you will never find them on your own.  To make matter worse, every government agency involved with auctions (federal, state, county, and local) all use different sites. 

So what are you to do?  In most cases, the best option is to use other online resources that are specific to auto auctions or truck auctions.  These online auctions sites will not only let you know where to find these auctions, but also provide you with the listings.  The best part is that you can get aggregate listings from several different government auctions simultaneously.  Plus, you have the ability to sort through these listings exceptionally fast.  Once you “get in the loop”, then you will likely have a better feel for when and where these auctions are being held.

What Types of Government Truck Auctions Offer the Best Deals in Newport News?

The next step is deciding exactly what type of truck you are looking for.  In the end, every government truck auction will have some great deals, but that doesn’t mean that you will be able to find the type of truck you are looking for.  Here is a quick look at the different types of auctions and which types of trucks tend to have the best deals at each of them.

If you are looking for popular, American made pickup trucks, then the standard fleet auctions are where you want to be.  For the most part, when the government purchases fleet vehicles, they try to purchase American made vehicles, especially trucks.  There is still a wide range in terms of what types of trucks you will find, but they will mostly be made in America.  Additionally, most of the fleet vehicles are full-sized trucks.  This is because most fleet trucks are used for work rather than just driving from one point to another.  There will likely be a few compact trucks, but they will be much rarer.  If you are looking for “work trucks” than standard fleet vehicle government auctions will likely be your best bet as well.

If you want a little more variety or want a foreign trucks, then seized vehicle auctions are definitely where you want to be.  There are several different types of seized vehicle government auctions in Virginia.  The first type of seized auction is where the vehicle was physically seized for some reason, normally from either tax issues or civil asset forfeiture  The second type is really more like an abandoned vehicle auction rather than a seized truck auction.  If you get pulled over and don’t have your license on you, then you can get your truck towed.  You can even get it towed if you have too many unpaid parking tickets.  Once your truck is towed then it goes to the impound.  If you don’t pay the fees, then the state, county, or city will then place them in a government truck auction.  With these types of auctions, there is a lot of variety so that chances of finding a great deal is very high.

There are a lot of government truck auction deals in Newport News, VA.  The key is knowing where to find the auction listings and knowing what type of auction is most likely to have the type of truck you are looking for.

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