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Why Buy a Crew Cab Pickup Truck

When you start researching pickups, the first big decision that you need to make is what type of cab you want.  A lot of people are asking themselves, why buy a crew cab pickup truck.  There are actually a variety of different benefits that you can gain.  If you are considering a crew cab, then you are probably also considering an extended cab.  Here is a quick look at some of the most commonly reported benefits of choosing a crew cab pickup truck over an extended cab.

One of the most commonly reported benefits is that a crew cab pickup truck can often have a smoother ride.  While this may vary from one model to another, crew cab trucks often have shorter beds, especially in proportion to the entire truck.  This helps the truck create a more central, center of gravity instead of having the truck be so front-end heavy.  This not only easier on your shocks, but can also help to distribute the weight among them.  Overall, the balance of that a crew cab provides can lead to a much smoother ride.

The biggest, and most obvious, benefit to having a crew cab is more space.  The first way that you get more space is that the back seat or bench area has a lot more leg space.  If you are buying a truck for daily family use, then a crew cab could almost be considered essential.  Plus, when you buy a crew cab pickup truck you also get the convenience of a full door, instead of scissor doors.  In most cases, getting out of an extended cab truck can be a lot like getting out of a 2-door car.  Another way that a crew cab pickup truck gives you more space is in the front as well.  Again, this is dependent on the model, but in many cases, there is additional space for the driver and front seat passenger as well.

Another benefit that you can get when you buy a crew cab pickup truck is that it can age much better.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that a crew cab pickup truck will likely have fewer body twists than an extended cab for the same truck.  This means that there are less potential weak points over time, thus delaying the aging process.  Another way that a crew cab can age better is that there is no false B pillar for the doors.  Essentially, having two regular doors instead of scissor doors (where two doors connect to become one) can withstand a lot more wear and tear over time.

The biggest reason that most people start wonder why they should buy a crew cab pickup truck is because they can be a little more expensive than an extended cab truck.  While the prices are becoming much more similar than they used to be, the benefits remain far apart.  When comparing a crew cab to an extended cab, assuming it is the same make, the crew cab will often have a smoother ride, much more space, and will age much better than an extended cab.

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