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If you are thinking about attending San Antonio auctions for pick up truck sales then there are a few important things to keep in mind in order to get the best deals.  As with all auctions, there are two specific areas to focus on, which is the preparation and developing a successful bidding strategy.  Everyone has their own set of auction-related superstitions however there are a few constants that tend to remain the same.  Here is a quick look at few tips that will dramatically improve your odds of coming how with exactly what you want at the right price.

When it comes to preparation there are a few ways to get a head of the pack.  The first is to decide what class of truck you want.  This will allow you to better identify potential targets as well as allow you to do more in-depth research on each vehicle.  In order to stay ahead of the pack, it is vital that you always research multiple manufacturers.  While some people do prefer one maker over the rest, if you don’t have any deep-seeded brand loyalty then research at least a few potential candidates from each brand.  By doing this, you will be able to gauge the interests of the competing bidders and adjust your potential targets accordingly.  For example, if you are at an auction where most of the audience prefers Fords and Chevy’s, you will also have done research about Nissan’s and Toyota’s and can bid accordingly.

In terms of the bidding itself there are several strategies that are used.  If you are at San Antonio auctions for a pick up truck sale, then there are two strategies that tend to be the most successful.  The first is the waiting game.  This strategy is fairly simple.  You wait until the bidding has slowed on a vehicle that interests you and then you jump in at the end.  The goal of this is to discourage the other bidders who thought that they had already won.  You can also catch them by surprise and they may not even realize that you have outbid them. 

The other strategy, which is less used but just as effective, is the “high opener” strategy.  If the opening bid for the truck you want is $1000, then you would open with a bid of $2500.  The goal of this strategy is to show other bidders that you are a serious buyer and hopefully prevent others from bidding against you.  This is effective because your higher opening bid will often be much lower than if you ended up bidding against two or three people.

Hopefully, you have a much better understanding of how to succeed the next time that you attend San Antonio auctions for a pickup truck sale.  Always make sure that you do the necessary preparation by targeting a specific class of truck and researching a handful of manufacturers.  With this information, you can employ either the waiting game or high open bidding strategies.

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