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Repossessed Trucks Sold Cheap At Utah Police Auctions

Many people are asking whether or not they can find repossessed trucks sold cheap at Utah police auctions.  The answer to this question is both yes and no.  The answer is yes because police auctions in Utah consistently have cheap trucks being sold.  The answer is no because a majority of these trucks have not been repossessed, rather they have been seized or abandoned.  Here’s a closer look at this issue and whether or not it really affects the quality of truck you will find at Utah police auctions.

There is a big difference between a truck which has been repossessed and one that has been seized or abandoned.  A repossessed truck is one in which the lending institution reclaim the property after the previous owner did not make payments on their loan.  Once it is repossessed, these lending institutions will place these trucks and auto auctions in order to recoup as much of the remaining that as possible.  At police auctions you will normally find abandoned or seized vehicles.  In most cases, a seized vehicle is one which was taken because of a violation during a lifestyle.  Essentially, the driver didn’t have a valid driver’s license, the car was registered, or the driver was not insured.  When this happens, the driver will be issued a citation and the truck will be impounded.  If the truck is not reclaimed within a certain amount of time, normally 60 to 90 days, then the government will sell that truck at auction.

There Are Some Repo Trucks Sold Cheap at Utah Police Auctions

At the same time, there are cases in which repossessed trucks will be placed in Utah police auctions.  This is most commonly found outside of the major urban areas.  For example, nearly 80% of Utah’s population lives along the Wasatch Front which centers around Salt Lake City.  Across the rest of Utah there are a number of smaller towns and cities.  With these towns and cities there’s a good chance that the local police will not seize a large enough number of trucks within a span of several months to hold a truck auction.  As a result, they will team up with local banks and other lending institutions in order to increase the size of the listing.  In many cases, they will even add government fleet vehicles to the auction as well.

Repo Truck Auctions

In the end, you can find repossessed trucks sold cheap at Utah police auctions, you just need to go to less populated areas.  This doesn’t mean you cannot find repossessed trucks sold cheap in more urban areas, this simply means that they will not be found at Utah police auctions.  In more urban areas, they tend to hold truck auctions which are solely comprised of repossessed trucks instead of combining used trucks from multiple sources.

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