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Reliable Trucks For Sale At Oakland Government Auctions

When hunting for reliable trucks for sale at Oakland government auctions there are essentially two different types of auctions that you could take part in. The first is known as a surplus or fleet vehicle auction and the second is and abandoned or seized vehicle auction. The city of Oakland utilizes two different resources in order to manage and hold these auctions, which means that it is important to understand the differences between the two.

The most common type of Oakland government auction is the seized or abandoned vehicle auction. In this auction, you will have access to reliable trucks for sale that were towed or impounded for one reason or another. These auctions are held on a regular basis and are normally managed in conjunction with a specific towing company. On a regular basis, the city of Oakland awards a contract to a local towing company who will kill all of their vehicles for them. This company will house the vehicle in many cases, and will also help administer the auction. This means that along with finding trucks that were impounded or seized, you will also find trucks from that towing company which are unrelated to the abandoned vehicles.

Government truck auctions

The other type of auction is known as a government surplus auction or fleet vehicle auction. If you are looking for reliable trucks for sale at Oakland government auctions then this type of auction will normally be your best bet. This is because fleet vehicles have a documented maintenance record that will allow you to ensure that the truck will actually be reliable. One thing to keep in mind is that Oakland tends to hold onto their trucks for 5 to 10 years, which means you will not find very many late-model trucks at these types of auctions.

In most cases, the biggest problem with finding reliable trucks for sale at Oakland government auctions is actually finding the auction. The reason for this is that more Oakland government auctions are being held online. Sometimes the online auctions are in real time in conjunction with a live auction. With these types of auctions, you access to a real-time, streaming video feed which will allow you to take part in the auction without actually being there. The other type of online auction which is becoming more common is known as a proxy bidding auction. With these auctions, the listings will be entirely on and online truck auction website and you will place your maximum bid at the very beginning. The thing to keep in mind is that your bids will remain as low as possible and the bidding increments are preset. The only time your current bid will increase is if someone is bidding against you, otherwise you will likely never reach your maximum bid amount and be the winning bidder.

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