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Pickup Truck Review: Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra is a full-size pickup truck that was quickly considered to be the first import full-size truck that would be able to compete on the American market. While it took some time for serious truck drivers to warm up to it, this pickup truck has definitely solidified itself as a solid option. There have been a number of changes since it was first introduced in the 2000 model year which makes it a much improved choice. This benefits not only new truck buyers by use truck buyers as well. To give you a better idea as to whether or not this is an option that you should consider, here is a quick pickup truck review for the Toyota tundra over the last decade.

Toyota Tundra review

The First Generation Ran From 2000 to 2006

The first-generation tundra got off to a rocky start when the general public felt that it was too closely related to the old Toyota T100 which it replaced. Overall, it was still too small to compete with the American-made full-size trucks that were on the market. While it didn’t immediately catch fire with consumers, the Toyota tundra did bring home Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year award in 2000. It also proved to be a popular truck for people who wanted the power of a full-size pickup for weekend trips, yet still wanted the easy to drive feel of a commuter truck. On the other hand, people with heavy boats to pull or required the power of and American-made full-size truck were disappointed. This was not only due to the size and limited power, but also by the small number of options in terms of body configurations.

The Second Generation Is Coming to an End

And there is speculation that the third-generation Toyota tundra will appear sometime in 2013 or 2014. At the same time, there have been a number of updates and changes made throughout the second generation. While it now has the size of domestically manufactured full-size trucks, some people have still had problems warming up to it. Even though it seemed like serious truck drivers still found faults in the Toyota tundra, it managed to acquire a number of awards over the past several years. Trailer Boats awarded it the 2007 Tow Vehicle of the Year, Truckin Magazine named it the 2008 Truck of the Year. In 2011 it was named the best overall value of the year by IntelliChoice, Best Bet by, and Best Retained Value by

What Toyota Tundra is the Best Choice on the Used Truck Market?

Best Overall Value

And if you are looking for the Toyota tundra that offers the best overall value then the 2008 and 2009 models are where you want to start. According to averaged use truck prices, the 2009 Toyota tundra is nearly $4000 cheaper than the 2010 and the 2008 model is nearly $2500 cheaper than the 2009. One of the biggest reasons for this is that in 2010, the tundra upgraded engine to a 4.6 L V8 which had 310 hp. The previous engine was a 4.7 L V8 with only 271 hp. Additionally, in 2010 the Toyota tundra added a number of visual upgrades including a new grille and tail lamps. The platinum trim level was also introduced. From a safety standpoint, 2010 also marks the year that driver and front passenger knee airbags became a standard feature.

Best First Generation Toyota Tundra

It seems like every model year during the first-generation featured some type of change. This makes it a little more difficult to compare the Toyota tundra from one year to the next. In general, you should evaluate first-generation Toyota Tundras based upon their mileage and how well they were maintained. Even though changes were made from year to year, many of them were not large enough to really affect the resale value. The one exception to this is when looking at a Tundra released between 2000 and 2003. In late 2009, there was a recall on these Tundra’s is because there were consistent rust problems across the rear cross member, which significantly weakened frame. Outside of those three model years, the rest of the first-generation Tundras could be a good value. Currently on the use pickup truck market, every year you go farther back with the first-generation trucks will provide an average savings of $2000.

A Review of the Toyota Tundra

Overall, there have been a large number of improvements with each passing year that the Toyota tundra has been on the market. A new model now features equivalent power to domestic brands and has definitely caught up on size. In fact, it now features the most legroom and rear seating that can both slide and recline. At the same time, some people still feel that the overall ride quality is not quite up to par and the interior is a little awkward at times. Keep in mind that no truck is perfect and while the Toyota tundra has been a learning experience for the manufacturer, the end result has definitely become popular with American drivers. The key is deciding what your budget is and taking a look at Toyota Tundras within a window of one or two years and comparing them against the rest of the secondary truck market. Some years it may not be the best option, while other years it will easily lead the pack.

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