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Pickup Truck Review – RAM 1500

There’s a good reason why RAM 1500 is one of the hottest pickup trucks in the market. It’s multi-awarded, having been chosen by Motor Trend as the ultimate truck for more than 4 times. It’s also rank number 1 among all the full-size pickup trucks tested and reviewed by It has a score of 4.1 over 5 in Edmunds.

All these accolades won’t have been achieved if this sleek truck isn’t well designed.

While there are many things to love about RAM 1500, here some of the favorites:

Design – RAM 1500 is not flimsy. It features the standard look of a typical truck monster, but it’s more sophisticated with its polished finishing. Best of all, buyers can choose not just 3 or 5 color options but 12. Inside, it features fine leather trim, very comfortable cushioned seats, and LCD screens for your controls.

Storage – Obviously you’ve got plenty of it in the back, but the inside is also filled with it. You can store in the armrest area, behind the seat, and even in the glovebox, which is significantly large.

Engine – The engine of a RAM 1500 is V6, which may sound standard. However, we’re talking about a special truck, so even its own engine has been modified and is now classified as a high-fuel efficient. This means that not only does it help reduce carbon emission, but you will also get the best value for money every time you gas up. On the other hand, when you need the truck for towing, especially heavy loads like a trailer, you can upgrade to V8, which has more power.

Although the engine is powerful, it isn’t noisy, providing a truly comfortable and pleasant ride.

Suspension – RAM 1500 uses a four-corner air suspension with Active Level technology. This system works with sensors, which can detect if you’re already traveling on highway speed. It immediately decreases the drag so you can further maximize the efficiency of the engine. It also comes with springs so you can conveniently adjust the height settings, depending on the quality of terrain you’re passing through.

Safety – The vehicle is equipped with ESP (electronic stability program), which is an automatic technology that helps the driver steer the vehicle especially in the most critical moments such as losing brake control. It’s also rated as good by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, although it’s only marginal in terms of side impact.

Customization – One of the best things about RAM 1500 is it can be further personalized. You can add a rearview camera or a satellite radio. You can also change the trims.

RAM 1500 is sold for about $30,000, which is a lot of money. If you really want to own this piece, you can join car and truck auctions. Provided you do your research, you may find a recent-model RAM 1500 in good condition for at least 50% off its book value.

Auctions are happening around the country, and some of them are now online so there’s no need to travel.

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