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Pickup Truck Deals at LA County Truck Auctions

There will always be pickup truck deals at LA County truck auctions.  A majority of vehicle owners in LA County are more interested in high-end cars or SUVs rather than trucks.  As a result, truck auctions are an easy way to save money on a high quality, used pickup truck.  There are substantially less competing bidders, which means it is easier to find exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

How to Get the Best Pickup Truck Deals at LA County Truck Auctions

The easiest way to get a great deal on a pickup truck at an LA County auction is by attending auctions which feature cars, SUVs, and trucks.  There is a high likelihood that most competing bidders will be focused on a different type of vehicle than what you are looking for.  As a result, you will only be bidding against a handful of people rather than the entire crowd.

Focus on Government Auctions or Bank Repossession Auctions

When deciding what LA County auctions to attend, try to focus on government fleet vehicle auctions or bank repossession auctions.  Not only are there a disproportionately large amount of trucks listed at these types of auctions, but there are often a large number of duplicate listings.  A duplicate listing is any listing in which multiple units of the same make and model are available.  At LA County truck auctions, the most common duplicate listing is the Toyota Tacoma and the Dodge Ram.  If you are interested in either of these types of trucks, then government fleet vehicle auctions and bank repossession auctions are exactly what you need.

Cosmetic Damage is Over Emphasized

Since a majority of people at an LA County auction will be focused on cars and SUVs, cosmetic damage is over emphasized.  As a result, most people are not willing to pay much for a truck which has noticeable dents and scratches.  This is the ideal situation for a savvy truck buyer because dents and scratches have no effect on the overall performance of the truck.

Buy Cheap Truck in LA

An excellent example of this at a recent LA County truck auction was a 2008 Toyota Tacoma.  This particular truck was silver and had only 70,000 miles.  The estimated retail value was near $30,000; however the winning bidder took it home for less than $11,000.  The primary reason most people shy away from it was because the front sections have noticeable dents in beings.  It was obvious the truck was used on a worksite rather than for a daily commute.

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