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New Haven Ford Pick Up Truck Auction Deals in CT

There are a growing number of New Haven CT Ford pickup truck auction deals that you can take advantage of. A lot of people overlook the New Haven area as a source of auction deals because it is often solely associated with Yale University. The truth is that a majority of the area is working class, which means that, like you, everyone is looking to save a few bucks when they can. Fortunately, there seems to be a bevy of auction deals on a regular basis. Let’s take a closer look at what’s New Haven CT has to offer and how to take advantage of the potential savings.

New Haven is the second largest city in Connecticut and the sixth largest in all of New England. Additionally, when compared to the rest of the state the population has increased much more over the past several years. Currently there are 129,799 residents within the New Haven area. Since the population has increased at a higher than average rate, there has also been an increase in the tax base. This means that the government has gained the ability to replace their fleet at a faster than normal rate. When they do this, they hold government auctions in which you have the ability to purchase former fleet vehicles.

Along with the influx of residents, New Haven is also considered by many to be the most dangerous city in the United States. While this may be true, the crime rate varies dramatically between neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods have a much lower crime rate than the national average, whereas others are exceptionally high. As a result, police auctions in some areas have a much higher number of seasoned abandoned vehicles than others. In order to get the best deals, it is important to attend police truck auctions in which the most potential Ford pickup truck deals will be.

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Another facet of New Haven that most people don’t take into consideration is the port of New Haven and the New Haven Harbor. It is a deep water seaport that is primarily used for freight. More importantly to the region, it has access to a number of railroads. Along with exporting or transporting freight, it also houses a vast amount of freight storage. In fact the indoor storage alone spans more than 400,000 square feet and the outdoor storage totals more than 50 acres. As with many shipping areas there is always freight which is left in storage and never paid for. As a result the harbor will auction off all of the items that were left in storage in order to recoup the missed payments. With so many other types of auctions in the area, it should be no surprise that many people overlook the port as a source of Ford pickup truck auction deals.

In order to take advantage of the best New Haven pickup truck auction deals it is important to know what to look for. As a general rule, the best deals at truck auctions are found when there is a lull in the bidding. Additionally, if you don’t do the necessary preparation and research it will be much more difficult to spot a good deal when it appears. Fortunately, if you have a solid strategy this shouldn’t be a problem.

It doesn’t matter what type of auction you plan on attending there is a very high likelihood that there will be a designated viewing time before the auction begins. During this time you have the ability to inspect each vehicle and more importantly get detailed information – most notably the VIN number. While the viewing period will always be directly before the auction begins, there is also normally an additional time to view each vehicle earlier in the week. If possible showing up for the first available viewing time is highly recommended. Not only will often be less crowded, but it also gives you a chance to get detailed information about the truck well before the auction begins. The sooner you get access to this information, the sooner you can start researching a specific vehicle.

When researching specific Ford trucks that are available at auction there are two things to consider. The first thing to look at is the history of that specific truck which is why getting access to the VIN number as soon as possible is so beneficial. Additionally, this gives you more time to determine the specific value of the Ford truck for them model year. Keep in mind getting a great deal is not just paying a low price but also getting a strong value. Only by knowing what the actual value is can you determine whether or not the bid price is actually a good deal.

New Haven Ford pickup truck auction deals are always going to be there, but it is up to you to take advantage of them. Without understanding what types of auctions will have these deals and how to effectively prepare for each auction, getting a low price on a high-value Ford truck will be much less likely.

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