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If you are scouring local truck auctions in Columbus for discount pickup trucks then there is one thing that you absolutely must be able to do.  You have to know how to spot a discount when it comes along.  The thing to keep in mind is that a discount truck must still provide you with some value.  You can buy a truck for a dollar, but if it doesn’t run and needs $10,000 in repairs then it isn’t really a discount.  Fortunately, there are a few tricks that you can use to quickly identify the prices that are actually discounts.  Here are a few things to keep in mind at your next auction.

When you attend local truck auctions in Columbus for a discount pickup truck the best way to spot a deal is to focus on cosmetic damage.  There are certain types of cosmetic damage that you never need to fix whereas other types of cosmetic damage can be a huge indicator that other problems exist.  Most people will tell you to ignore the cosmetics of the truck, and in certain situations they would be right.  However, truck auctions are unique because you can’t test drive the vehicle before you buy it, which means that you won’t know how smoothly it actually runs.  This is where understanding cosmetic damage becomes a useful bit of information.

At local truck auctions in Columbus for discount pickup trucks there are certain types of cosmetic damage that you want to see because it can open the door for a discount with minimal risk that there is any damage that will affect the reliability of the truck.  The first thing that you should look for is cosmetic damage that is not the result of an accident such as faded paint, poor flooring, and poor seats.  None of this damage points towards an accident that would hurt the reliability of the truck.  The second thing to look for is damage from “scrapes”.  This is damage that comes from getting side-swiped or from any contact that is parallel to the truck, like scraping another vehicle when parking.  These scrapes can make a truck look terrible, but it won’t affect how they run.

At the same time there are certain types of cosmetic damage that point to the possibility of reliability issues.  The first thing to look for is serious damage around the grill and tailgate areas.  The grill and tailgate are designed to help the truck absorb damage, so them being damaged isn’t inherently problematic.  The problem comes when there is a lot of damage surrounding them.  This is because this damage tells you that the impact was great enough that the grill or tailgate couldn’t absorb it all and it was passed throughout the truck.  The second type of damage to look for is direct hit damage, similar to what you see when a vehicle gets T-boned.  Both of these types of damage can point towards issues with the frame of the truck.  This will not only make them less durable over time, but could also be an indicator of additional damage as well.

When searching local truck auctions in Columbus for discount pickup trucks the key is not only getting a truck cheaply, but to make sure that the long-term total cost is low.  A great way to get an edge over the competition is to pay close attention to the cosmetic damage and let it tell you whether or not additional damage may exist.

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