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Kentucky Govt Pickup Truck Auction For Cheap Deals

There are a variety of different ways that you can take advantage of Kentucky govt pickup truck auctions for cheap deals.  Depending on what type of truck you are looking for and how big of an auction you want to attend can greatly affect what your most successful strategy will be.  The first step is finding out where these trucks actually come from because that will give you some insight into what they were used for.  Second, you need to decide what type of government auction you want to attend (federal, state, county, or local).  Finally, you need to find out when the next upcoming auction will be and how to become a participant in it.

Where Do the Vehicles at Kentucky Govt Pickup Truck Auctions Come From?

Where the trucks come from will largely be reliant on what type of truck auction you are attending. If you are attending a truck auction that is comprised of federal government fleet trucks, then it is incredibly difficult to know exactly what they were used for.  This is because the federal government ships their fleet vehicles all over the country, so it is impossible to know where the truck even came from.  Fortunately, all of these trucks would have followed the same maintenance schedule, which means that you can expect a fairly stable level of durability and quality from each truck.

KY pickup truck auctions

If you are attending Kentucky govt pickup truck auctions for cheap deals that are held by the state, county, or local governments, then learning more about the location is essential. The state of the Kentucky features two national forests, two historic parks, 45 state parks, and 83 wildlife management areas.  If you are attending a state auction, then there is a good chance that at least half of the trucks were used to maintain some type of outdoor area whether it be a state park or highway maintenance. These trucks normally have a lot of highway-type miles on them because they spend very little time in start-stop traffic that is most often associated with city driving. While most trucks have a life-span that can easily exceed 250,000 miles, if they were primarily driven outside of the city, this lifespan can be extended well beyond.

You might be wondering why knowing how these trucks were used is so important. Simply put, it will give a better idea of how much stress they were put under, which will give you better insight into how durable and reliable they will be.  Additionally, trucks that do more “heavy lifting” tend to be better maintained because they need to be in order to continue operating at an efficient level.

What Type of Kentucky Govt Pickup Truck Auction Is Best For You?

Deciding what type of Kentucky govt pickup truck action to attend is one of the most important decisions to make.  It will largely dictate what type of trucks you will see and how many will be made available for you.  One thing to keep in mind is that the government rarely holds an auction that only has trucks.  In most cases, trucks will be only a small percentage of the entire auction listing. This is true regardless of what type of government auction you decide to attend.  When deciding what type of auction to attend, there are several smaller decisions to consider.  The first thing to think about is whether you want to attend a live auction or participate in an online setting.  This can greatly determine which type of government auction is right for you.

Live auctions give you the benefit of immediately knowing whether or not you were highest bidder on a vehicle.  With online auctions, you will normally place a maximum bid and then wait for the auction to end.  Your real bid will incrementally increase so that you beat other bidders until your maximum bid amount has been surpassed.  When this happens, the website will automatically stop bidding for you.

There are a number of additional benefits to using online government auctions instead of live auctions.  For example, you can bid on multiple trucks simultaneously and in some cases, you can even place you bid live using a real-time auction video feed.  While this will not be available for every Kentucky govt auction, it is becoming much more common.  Another benefit of online auctions is that they allow you to cover more ground and find more trucks to bid on without actually having to do a bulk of the legwork yourself. They will gather, aggregate, and sort all of auction listings for you.  You can then enter your own preferences describing what you are looking for and the online auction website will filter all of the results and only show you the ones that you are interested in.  The results could be as general as all trucks or you can limit the results based upon model year, make, mileage, location, and even color.

How to Find Out About The Next Kentucky Govt Pickup Truck Auction For Cheap Deals

There are a variety of different ways that you can find out about the next upcoming government auction in the Kentucky area.  Some of the these are much more time intensive than others.  Most people simply keep an eye out in the classified ads and the newspaper.  The problem is that this will only let you know about auctions that are taking place in areas directly surrounding you.  If you want to broaden your target area then this method is not very effective.  Another common option is to check out city, county, state, and federal websites for upcoming auction listings.  Again, if you want to target a broad area in Kentucky then this will be difficult.

Once again, utilizing online auto websites tends to be the most effective way to track upcoming auctions because you can get results based upon location.  In this case, you can get results that contain every auction in the entire state of Kentucky.

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