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How to Choose the Correct Truck Size

If there is one thing pickup truck buyers should be grateful for today, it is the fact that they already have several options to choose from. You can already get basic trucks, fancy trucks, trucks that can haul massive loads and tow trailers and even tiny homes—you name it.

While many pickup trucks these days are beautifully designed and even innovative, there is always be one or perhaps two that fits you to a T. Here is how to pick the best in relation to truck size:

What is the truck for?

The pickup truck is a versatile transport: it can be used for leisure or for business—or for something else like moving heavy goods or even an entire home. (Again, think about tiny homes.)

Trucks, however, do not have the same towing capacity, so your need is one of your major considerations. If the load is about 3,000 or less, then you can go for the smaller option. If you are thinking of pulling a trailer, then start looking into the mid-size rang.

What is the size of the engine?

The design of the engine is somewhat proportional to the size of the pickup truck. For instance, the smaller trucks may have at least a 4-cylinder engine, which means it may have lesser power and performance compared to their large counterparts. The good thing is the size of the engine doesn’t have any bearing on the longevity of the vehicle, as many factors can affect that, including the person’s driving habits.

What’s the truck’s classification?

In the United States, trucks can fall into any of the 8 classifications based on the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), which is basically the weight of the entire truck and the maximum load it can carry. GVWR matters since there are road regulations that can affect it, and these laws can vary among states. For example, certain roads may prohibit class 8 trucks or those that have more than 33,000-pound rating from passing through. Further, anyone who drives a class-7 truck should carry a class-B commercial license.

How much are you willing to pay?

The size of the pickup truck is one of the things that can affect your budget. Obviously, the bigger it is, the pricier it gets. A large pickup can cost as much as $50,000 while a small or “compact” one can average $15,000.

A lot of manufacturers can give you great deals and financing so you can afford it. But if you want to be more practical with money, you can also consider getting a used vehicle.

A good way to acquire a good-quality used pickup truck according to your desired size is by auctions. Auctions allow you to select hundreds of pickup trucks in a day and get them for at least 50% of their book value.

Vehicle auctions are happening around the country. If you want to keep tabs on them, you can subscribe to auction listings such as those of, so you don’t miss out on them.

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