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GMC Sierra Pickup Truck Review

The GMC Sierra pickup truck has become a staple on road for a long time.  There are a wide variety of options available including the C3 and several hybrids, however the most common are still the 1500, 2500, and 3500.  In this GMC Sierra pickup truck review, we will take a quick look at all three of them including what they offer today as well as how they have changed over the past few years. 

GMC Sierra Pickup Truck Review – 1500

The GMC Sierra 1500 has been around for a long time.  It first became popular as a work truck for farmers and small business owners because it was known for its reliability and solid hauling capabilities.  The current model has been around since 2007, with the previous model being released in 1999.  The previous generation was known as a great choice for people looking for function rather than flash.  Today, there are a lot more options available starting with the basic work truck and working up to a very luxurious truck.  The GMC Sierra 1500 will always be best known for combining a quiet ride with a very strong performance.  It definitely one of the most versatile half-ton trucks on road.

GMC Sierra Pickup Truck Review – 2500

The GMC Sierra 2500 was last redesigned in 2007 with the 1500, with the previous generation starting in 2001 and running through 2006.  There are three different cab sizes available: regular, extended, and crew.  One thing that makes the GMC 2500 stand out is that over the last two generations, it has continued to rank above both Ford and Dodge in several categories.  While it has always been an exceptionally strong and reliable truck, it has also become more comfortable and easier to drive as well.

GMC Sierra Pickup Truck Review – 3500

If you need to compare the GMC Sierra 3500 to anything, then compare it to the Chevy Silverado because a lot of people consider it to be nearly identical.  As a full-ton truck, it has a stiffer suspension, great selection of engines, and more rugged frame than either the 1500 or 2500.  Like the other two, it was also redesigned in 2007, with the previous generation being introduced in 2001.  Even when comparing it to other full-ton trucks, the GMC Sierra 3500 is still highlighted for its exceptional towing and hauling abilities while remaining fairly comfortable to drive. 

It doesn’t matter which model of the GMC Sierra pickup truck review you read, there are few things that are always the same.  Most notably, all of them are well regarded for their reliability and durability as they can have exceptionally long life-spans.  Additionally, the 1500, 2500, and 3500 are always towards the top of their class in terms of overall power, especially in terms of towing and hauling.  For people who need a truck that will work as hard as they do, the GMC Sierra is never going to be a bad choice.  Plus, with the latest generation, they have become comfortable enough to be a family vehicle during the week, but still powerful enough to get through the weekend.

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