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Regardless of what you’re looking for, you can find bargains at California trucker auctions.  These auctions offer a variety of unique trucks that are rarely found at many other types of auto auctions.  In order to determine whether or not this type of auction is right for you, it is important to understand what type of trucks are normally available and where they came from.  From there, the next step is creating a plan of action to take advantage of what these auctions have to offer.

What Type of Trucks Can Be Found at California Trucker Auctions?

There are a wide variety of trucks that you can find these types of auctions.  For the most part, they will all have the same type of foundation.  They will normally be a quarter ton, half ton, or three-quarter ton truck.  From there, there are a variety of different additions that can improve the overall functionality of the truck.  One thing to keep in mind is that these additions can sometimes limit the overall usefulness of a particular truck in certain situations.  For example, they will have an added boom/bucket.  For some people this will be a huge benefit, while others it is at best lacking utility and at worse a detriment to the trucks functionality in regards to certain tasks.

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Trucker auctions in CA will normally include a combination of pickup trucks, flatbeds, cargo vans, tow trucks, and even dump trucks.  Overall, you will be able to find almost any type of truck that you need.  The key is to check out the listing beforehand to ensure that they have what you want because there is always a chance that one auction will offer more options than another.

Why Can You Find Bargains at CA Trucker Auctions?

There are a number of different factors that play into how much you can save at these types of auctions.  The first reason that these trucks will be a bargain is simply because the previous owner absorbed the largest percentage of depreciation.  A majority of the trucks found at these auctions will be former fleet vehicles for local businesses.  This could be anything from a small landscaping business to a statewide towing service.  Either way, since you are not be first owner, the truck will depreciate only minimally while you own it.  As a result, you could decide to resell the truck several years later and receive nearly as much you paid for it, if not more when you get a really great deal at these auctions.  Using this strategy you can essentially buy a former fleet truck and resell it several years later with a minimal net capital output.

Another way that these trucks become great bargains is when you purchase one that already has the accessories and functionality that you want.  In many cases, modifying a regular pickup truck can be a much greater expense than most people expect.  By showing up to auto auctions that have trucks that the previous owner already modified can save you a lot of money.  While these accessories will increase the price you will pay at auction, it will not be increased nearly as much as if you purchase a truck and added the accessory yourself.

Finally, you can find bargains at California trucker auctions simply because many people do not know about them.  There are a growing number of different types of auctions that have become more popular with the general public.  These include government, impound, and bank-owned vehicle auctions.  At the same time, there are also several types of auctions which are still not as well known.  California trucker auctions fall into this category.  Not only do these auctions feature primarily trucks, but many of these trucks have after-market accessories which only appeal to a certain type of audience.  As such, they are of less interest to the general public.

How to Find Bargains at California Trucker Auctions

Finding bargains at California trucker auctions is a two-part process.  First you need to know how to find these auctions.  Next he need to know how to spot the best deals and take advantage of them.  Since these types of auctions are not quite as common as some of the more well-known alternatives, finding out about them can be a little more difficult.  Traditionally, you’d be forced to track all of these auctions through classifieds either online or through newspapers.  The problem with this is twofold.  First, it is really easy to overlook these auction listings because you never know when or exactly where to look for them.  Second, if you are trying to cover the entire state of California then you would end up spending days sifting through all of the available classifieds.

Currently, the best way to find these bargains is by utilizing online auction websites.  Not only will you get a centralized location which will collect and organize all of this data for you, but you will gain additional information that will make spotting bargains easier.  You will often get to see the entire listing including details that are not normally released through regular print classified ads.  This means that you can show up to the auction and immediately have a list of trucks that interest you.  As a result, you can spend more time investigating those trucks and determining which one will be the best fit for your needs.

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