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It has never been easier to find discount Ford Explorer trucks online.  The internet has made it much simpler to locate pretty much anything and trucks are no different.  The Ford Explorer is largely credited for making the SUV one of the most popular types of vehicles in America.  It is most often considered to be a mid-sized SUV and is well known for the built-in versatility.  While the Explorer is still very popular, finding discount Ford Explorer trucks online can still be easily accomplished.  There are three primary factors that have made a used Explorer easier to purchase at a discount than ever before.

The first reason is because of the sheer number of Explorers on the road.  In the 1990’s, the Ford Explorer was considered to be one of the most popular vehicles available.  More than 400,000 units were sold on a yearly basis for more than a decade.  With so many potential used vehicles to sell, it should be no surprise that the prices can be a lot lower than most people would expect.  Another thing to consider is that after a few years, the Explorer greatly depreciates in value, which lowers the resale price. 

Another reason that it is easy to find discount Ford Explorer trucks online is because of Firestone incident that everyone still talks about.  Even though the final studies proved that the Explorer had nothing to do the problems that occurred, many people will never be able to get over the huge number of rollover reports that were made public.  In 2002, Ford did a total redesign to boost the image of the Explorer.  While it has helped, they are still not as popular as they once were.  Because of this incident, many people don’t even consider buying a used Explorer.  This means that you can find them at extremely low prices.

The final reason that there are so many discount Ford Explorer trucks online is that 2011 brought an entirely new Ford Explorer.  People who are in love the Explorer are getting rid of their current one so that they can get the new generation.  Some of the most notable changes include a unibody instead of the body-on-frame which means that they are easier to drive and provide better interior space efficiency.  Plus, a more fuel efficient turbocharged four cylinder has been made available.  The new generation is considered to be superior to the previous version in almost every way.  This doesn’t mean that used Explorers are a bad choice; it just means that more people are trying to buy the new ones.

As you can see, there are three primary reasons that you can now find discount Ford Explorer trucks online today than ever before.  Not only has the internet become one of the most popular sources for finding used vehicles, but the recent history of the Explorer itself has made this possible.  There is a surplus of used SUV’s on the market, plus some people will never forgive the Explorer for the Firestone incident.  Add to that the release of an entirely new generation of Explorers in 2011 and you have created the perfect environment for great deals.

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