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If you are in the market for a heavy duty pickup truck but don’t want to break the bank then it might be helpful to consider auto auctions in Dallas County TX.  There are a number of different types of auctions which feature heavy duty trucks.  Typically these trucks will be sold to winning bidders for far below secondary market value which means there is an excellent opportunity to save money on a quality vehicle.

What Types of Auctions in Dallas County Feature Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks?

The big question when attending public auto auctions is which ones are more likely to have multiple heavy duty pickup trucks.  If you attend an auction which only has one or two available then there is a much greater chance that the bidding will be intense and the opportunity for savings will be marginal.  The key is going to auctions which have multiple heavy duty trucks in order gain flexibility and battle against fewer bidders.

General Public Auctions

General public auctions can be either a goldmine of savings or not worth your time.  Overall, they are very unpredictable in terms of what will actually be available.  This is because they source their vehicles from a variety of different secondary market segments.  As a result, each listing is unique as it is unpredictable.  Common sources include towing companies, local fleet vehicles, and lending institutions with repossessed vehicles.  You should always be on the lookout for upcoming general public auctions in Dallas County for heavy duty pickup trucks but don’t feel obligated to attend every one of them if they don’t feature multiple heavy duty trucks on their listing.

Government Fleet Auto Auctions

There are several different types of government auto auctions held in Dallas County.  In general, the best opportunity to save money on a heavy duty pickup will be at the GSA auction.  The GSA is in charge of distributing all of the fleet vehicles used by the Federal government.  There are multiple divisions of the government which rely largely on heavy duty trucks.  This includes the parks/forestry service, US Marshall’s service, and maintenance services for all divisions.  As a result, GSA auctions typically boast a significantly larger percentage of heavy duty pickup trucks than other government auctions.


If you are attending a local (state, county, or city) government fleet auction there is a good chance you will find a few heavy duty trucks for sale.  This is especially true if you attend an auction which sources vehicles from the Department of Transportation or local parks services.

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