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Chevy Truck Discounts at Irving Texas Truck Auctions

If you are looking for Chevy truck discounts at Irving, Texas truck auctions then there are two important factors that you need to consider.  The first thing that you need to consider is how to find the best discounts at auto auctions in Irving, TX.  The next thing to look at is the value of different models of Chevy trucks in order to determine which ones offer the best discount potential

How to Approach Irving, TX Truck Auctions

Irving, TX is within the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area.  It is actually in the metropolitan division known as Dallas-Plano-Irving.  This is important to understand because this can affect how you look for auctions.  Some people limit their scope to Irving, others look only at the metro division, and some even broaden it to the entire metro area.  In most cases, it is because to focus on the smallest geographic area that will provide you with as many auctions as you need.  For some people, they only want to attend a handful of auctions per year, so they can focus on a small area.  Others want to attend an auction every week, which will require a larger area of focus.

The benefit of creating an area of focus is that over time you will be able to have a much better idea of what to expect at each auction.  Every auction has a set of regulars that can greatly affect the overall prices because they tend to purchase vehicles in larger numbers than the average person.  These regulars are important to identify because you want to target auctions where the regulars prefer cars over trucks.  If most of the regulars want trucks, then you will find less discount opportunities. 

Which Chevy Truck Discounts at Irving TX Truck Auctions Are The Most Common

Now that you know how to approach auctions in the area, the next step is to learn which models tend to offer a higher potential discount.  Here is a closer look at the best targets for high discounts as well as the ones that tend to retain their value on the secondary market more consistently (which means a lower discount).

Your best opportunity to get a huge discount on Chevy trucks is to look for an S-10.  These trucks were released from the early 1990’s to 2003.  This means that they will offer the lowest prices at almost every auction.  Keep in mind that because they are a little older, there will normally not be more than a handful available at any given time.  During its run, the Chevy S-10 was considered to be an affordable compact truck that was great for the average person.  As long as you don’t need the towing or payload capabilities of a full-sized truck, the S-10 is a good choice.  On the secondary market, this truck did not hold its value very well, which means you can save a lot of money with a durable S-10.

Another great target of your search should be the Chevy Colorado.  A lot of people ignore the Chevy Colorado because it is still considered to be compact truck, but it is actually really close to a standard mid-sized truck.  If you are looking to save money, the Colorado offers a solid amount of towing and payload power for less money.  Plus, because it is a little smaller, it is also a lot easier to drive and more maneuverable than a larger truck.

If you need a full-sized truck, then the Silverado is where you are going to end up looking.  Of all of the Chevy trucks on the market, the Silverado tends to hold its value the best.  This means that it will carry the lowest potential discount rate at an Irving, TX auction.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t find discounts on these trucks, just that it will take a little more effort.  As a general rule, the more power the truck has, the more expensive it will be.  The average person will be just fine with a 1500, but for some reason they think that they will need a 3500.  You can save a lot of money simply by knowing what truck will be enough.

If there is a single truck to avoid, it is the Avalanche.  The Chevy Avalanche will almost always be the most expensive truck at an auction.  If you are looking to find the best possible discounts, then keep this truck towards the bottom of your list.

Tricks to Maximize the Chevy Truck Discounts at Irving, TX Truck Auctions

Regardless of which truck you decide to target, there are some additional tricks that you can use to maximize your discount.  The first and most important thing you can do is to learn as much as possible about the specific model that you are targeting.  If possible, limit the Chevy trucks you are targeting to one or two.  This will make it easier for you to gather in-depth knowledge about each generation of each truck as well as any important changes that occurred from one year to the next.  These changes could affect the overall value, which will affect the potential discounts that are available.

truck auction texas

Another easy trick is to consider how much you are willing to invest after the auction.  For example, a lot of people tend to only bid on Chevy trucks that appear to need little additional work.  Body damage can be relatively inexpensive to fix depending on where it is.  By knowing how much these repairs will cost, you can start targeting Chevy trucks that look a little beat up, but are still durable, quality trucks.  If you can effectively estimate how much it will cost to get this damage repaired, you will have an edge over all of the other bidders.

As you can see, there are a lot of different variables to consider when trying to take advantage of Chevy truck discounts at Irving, TX truck auctions.  The first thing that you need to do is get a better understanding of the geographic area that you want to target.  This will help you learn which auctions offer the highest potential discounts.  Next, you need to determine which Chevy trucks will fit your needs and still offer the highest probability of a big discount.  Finally, implement these additional tricks to minimize your total costs.

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