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Chevy Pickup Trucks for Sale in Philadelphia

If you are interested in Chevy pickup trucks for sale in Philadelphia then you will likely have a lot to choose from.  While the total volume will be high, there will be three primary options to choose from including the Colorado, Silverado 1500, and Silverado 2500HD.  Each of these trucks are designed to serve a different purpose so it is important to understand how they are different.  Without this information, it will be impossible to choose the best one for your needs.  Here is a closer look at each one and what it has to offer.

The Chevy Colorado was first introduced in 2004 and serves as a replacement for the S-10 which was much smaller.  It should be no surprise that since this is the smallest of the Chevy trucks, it will have less towing power than either of the Silverado’s.  The engine choices will include 2.9-liter four-cylinder, a 3.7-liter five cylinder, and a V8.  Most of them will have a 5 speed manual transmission, however some do have a four speed automatic.  The Colorado will best suit your needs if you are interested in a smaller truck.  It handles great both on and off road, however it lacks the overall power of larger trucks.  If you don’t plan on towing or hauling on a regular basis, it should suit you just fine.  Additionally, because of its size, it is tends to be the least expensive of the Chevy pickup trucks for sale in Philadelphia.

The half-ton Chevy Silverado 1500 is more than abundant in Philadelphia and can serve as a great vehicle regardless of your needs.  For a full size truck, it remains one of the most versatile on the road.  If you are looking to find the least expensive option possible, make sure to avoid the latest generation.  Older Silverado’s have less luxurious interiors.  The current generation was released in 2007, however the previous generation (1999-2006) remains the most popular option for used truck buyers who want a Silverado.  They feature V8 engines that produce between 255 hp and 345 hp.  This is the Chevy for you to buy if you value function over looks.  If you want a better looking 1500 then you will want to focus on the current generation.

The 2500HD is the third primary options for Chevy pickup trucks for sale in Philadelphia.  If there is anything that the Chevy Silverado 2500HD is known for it is its durability and excellent towing/hauling ability.  For the regular heavy-duty truck, this has always been a great choice.  It is important to note that there are some Silverado 3500 trucks that can be found for sale, however they are not as common as the 2500.  If you absolutely need a hard core truck that can tow and haul anything, then the 3500 is what you should look for.

There are a lot of Chevy pickup trucks for sale in Philadelphia, the key is choosing the right one.  The three most common trucks that you will find include the smaller Colorado, mid-sized Silverado 1500, and heavy-duty 2500.

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