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Cheap used truck sales in Chicago are definitely not uncommon.  There are a number of different ways to track down these deals including online classifieds as well as online auction sites.  With so many great deals available, the big issue isn’t whether or not you can get a good price, but rather what kind of truck should you target.  With so many options available, you should approach cheap used truck sales in Chicago much the same way as you would if a new truck is what you were looking for.  Here are a few things to keep in mind so that you can get exactly what you need.

The most important decision that you need to make is whether or not you want a truck for cargo purposes or comfort purposes.  In most cases, trucks with larger interiors tend to have smaller cargo beds.  While you will be able to get 4 or 5 people into the truck, the bed will likely be around 5 feet long.  On the other hand, trucks designed to comfortably fit only 2 or 3 people can have cargo beds that extend up to 8 feet.  Another thing to consider is that the larger your truck is, the less fuel efficient they will be.  If you primarily want to use your used truck for normal commuting purposes, then a compact or mid-sized truck might be a better choice than a full-size truck. 

After you have decided the right size of truck for your needs, the next step is deciding the right engine size.  In general, there are more cheap used truck sales in Chicago that feature smaller engines because most people don’t buy them for towing purposes.  At the same time, if you are looking for a big V8 engine like the Ford F350 then you will still have a lot of options to choose from.  While every truck is a little different, the general rule is that a compact truck will be able to tow around 3,000 pounds whereas a full-size truck will tow a minimum of 9,000 pounds.  A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they will need a huge engine, even though they won’t make much use of it.  By forecasting your average hauling loads, you can save a lot of money by choosing the right engine.

Living in Chicago, four-wheel drive might also be something that you will value.  This is especially true if you spend time driving off road.  As a general rule, a rear-wheel drive truck will be less expensive and provide better gas mileage than a four-wheel drive truck.

One place in Chicago that sells Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Hyundai pickup trucks is Rogers Auto Group at 2720  S Michigan Ave. Phone (866) 276 1801.  You can also try Howard Orloff Autos for more imported brand pickup trucks at 1924 North Paulina St, phone (866) 354-0808.

With so many cheap used truck sales in Chicago and surrounding areas, there is no reason that you won’t be able to find a great deal on the type of truck that will best fit your needs.  Before you start your search, it is important to decide what type of truck is going to best suit your lifestyle.  There are 3 factors to consider: cargo vs. comfort, engine size/hauling power, and four-wheel drive vs. rear-wheel drive.  Once you have made a decision in regards to each of these 3 factors, you should have a very targeted list of potential deals that you can take advantage of.

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