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Cars and Trucks Are Bargains at Memphis Auto Auctions

Cars and trucks are bargains at Memphis auto auctions as long as you know how to find and secure the best deals possible.  Auto auctions can be very intense and overwhelming.  To make sure that you are always in control, it is vital that you show up with a solid strategy and all of the information that you need.  If you don’t have a list of potential targets when the auctions begins, then you will be far behind your competition.  Here are a few tips to make sure that you can identify and take advantage of the cars and trucks that are bargains at Memphis auto auctions.

It should go without saying, but you must do your research before the auction begins.  There is nothing worse than showing up to an auction, only to make an impulsive decision and overpay for a car.  The goal is to target cars and trucks that are bargains at Memphis auto auctions, and you can’t do that if you don’t know where the bargains are.  This means that you need to know what type of vehicle that you want to buy, its current market value, and what you are willing to spend.  With this information, you can arm yourself against making an emotional decision that you will regret later. 

Once you have done your research, it is critical that you have 5 to 10 cars and trucks that you will target.  It is impossible to get all of the information that you need on every vehicle at the auction, so don’t try.  Instead, have a list of a few key cars and make sure that you thoroughly inspect and assess them.  The reason that you need a list is twofold.  First, it will ensure that you aren’t buying based on emotion and second, it gives you options in terms of which bargains you really want to take advantage of.  There are a lot of cars and trucks that are bargains at Memphis auto auctions, but that doesn’t mean that every car is a bargain.  Without knowing everything about the car or truck that you buy, you are creating an unnecessary risk.

The final thing to keep in mind is how to work the auction to your benefit.  There are differences depending on whether you are at a live auction or online auction.  At a live auction, the lanes are always crowded, so make sure that the auctioneer can see you when your targets are on the block.  Make sure to focus on what is being said so that you can hear the current bid correctly.  Finally, make sure that you bid with confidence so that your competition takes you seriously and hopefully backs off.  At an online auction, there are two different strategies.  The first is to place several starting bids as soon as the auction opens (they normally last one week or more).  These bids will be the max that you are willing to pay.  Then just check the results when the auction closes.  However, there is a chance that you will win several cars, which is terrible if you can’t afford them all.  The second strategy is to wait and bid at the last moment.  The benefit to this strategy is that most people place their maximum bid in advance, so you won’t have any live bidders against you. 

A lot of cars and trucks are bargains at Memphis auto auctions, it is all a matter of finding and taking advantage of them.

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