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Cadillac EXT: Pickup Truck Review

The Cadillac EXT is considered to be in a class of its own.  It is the only luxury sport utility truck on the market.  The only similar trucks would be the Honda Ridgeline and the Chevy Avalanche, however they are not considered to be in the luxury division.  It is part luxury SUV and part crew cab pickup truck.  While it is considered to be a niche vehicle, it is still found a very strong following, especially because only a limited number are produced each year.  Here is an in-depth Cadillac EXT pickup truck review to give you a better idea about whether or not this is the vehicle for you.

Cadillac Truck EXT

Cadillac EXT – The History

The Cadillac EXT, also referred to as the Escalade EXT, was introduced in 2002.  It was originally in competition with the Lincoln Blackwood and the Lincoln Mark LT, both of which were inspired by the Ford F-150.  Both of those trucks are no longer manufactured.  While there may be no other sport utility trucks in the luxury class, it is still considered to be in competition with the Honda Ridgeline and Chevy Avalanche.  The first-generation Cadillac EXT was released between 2002 and 2006.  It isn’t considered to be quite as refined or luxurious as the current model, however the amount of passenger room and cargo versatility are relatively similar.  Additionally, the first-generation had a recirculating ball set up which offered a less responsive feel when steering.  The current generation was altered and features a rack and pinion steering for and easier, smoother drive.

The Cadillac EXT is currently in the second generation, which was first introduced in 2007.  From the rear doors backwards, the EXT is essentially a pickup.  There unique aspect is the Midgate System which allows the rear seats and rear window to fall down to increase your cargo capacity.  From the rear doors Ford, it is almost identical to the standard Escalade.  It also features the same suspension and powertrain with a 6.2 liter, V8 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission.

Cadillac EXT – The Luxury

The biggest characteristic that makes the Cadillac EXT stand out is the luxury features that it offers.  It offers three trim packages – Base, Luxury, and Premium.  It also has 18 inch wheels, automatic suspension damping, and HID headlights.  The area where the luxury features become evident is with the interior.  It features leather upholstery, would trend, tri-zone climate control, and 14 way power and heated seats.  There is also a Bose 5.1 surround sound system with in dash CD changer.  All of this is available with the basic package.  When upgrading to the Luxury and Premium there are a variety of other features at your disposal as well.  Some of these include a heated steering well, power retracting sidesteps, rear-seat entertainment system, and 22 inch chrome wheels. 

Who is the Cadillac EXT Designed For?

The Cadillac EXT is a solid choice for people who want the unique combination of versatility and luxury that it provides.  While it has slightly less seating then a full-size Escalade and slightly less towing and hauling capabilities then a comparable truck, it has found an interesting way to combine the best of both worlds.  Additionally, it is very easy to navigate, which makes it a solid choice for the daily commuter.  If the Cadillac EXT flies outside of your price range then your best option would be to look into competing non-luxury sport utility trucks, such as the Chevy Avalanche or Honda Ridgeline.

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