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It surprises many people how easy it is to buy quality trucks at Berkeley Chevy truck auctions. While California in general may be best known for fast convertibles, that doesn’t mean that there are not an abundance of trucks as well. Berkeley offers a unique geography aside from the well-known coastal areas, which makes owning a Chevy pickup truck there much more beneficial than in other areas. Just like any other area of the country, you can’t expect to get a great deal if you don’t understand both the target area as well as how to utilize the best auction strategies. Here is a closer look at both of these issues.

The first up is always understanding the area in which the auction is being held. Berkeley is a close neighbor with Oakland, Emeryville, and Albany. Currently, Berkeley has a population of just under 113,000 people. Along with its growing population Berkeley has only the highest rates of bicycle and pedestrian commuting in the country. In fact, it is considered to be the safest city for cyclists and pedestrians when compared to other areas of its size. This means that most of the trucks you will find at these auctions are not normally driven on a daily basis. Rather they are used for recreational purposes. This means that they tend to have a much lower mileage and less wear and tear than similar Chevy trucks and neighboring cities.

Buy Quality Trucks At Berkeley

Along with the coastline, which is what it the area is probably best known for, Berkeley actually sits in between the coast and Berkeley Hills in CA. From Berkeley Hills, the geography quickly spikes up to the ridge line of Grizzly Peak. Along with the more mountainous areas, there are a wide variety of streams and creeks as well. This makes many freshwater activities much more popular in this area than in others around coastal California. As a result, requiring a pickup truck with off-road and towing abilities is given a much higher priority.

As you can see, the need for a truck around the Berkeley area is much more prevalent than in other areas around California. Just like many other areas, the most popular trucks which are purchased new are also the most popular trucks being sold on the secondary market. This is why you can buy quality trucks at Berkeley Chevy truck auctions at much lower prices than in other areas around California. The key is knowing how to locate each auction and spot the best deals at each one when they arise.

There are not a lot of areas in California in which government auctions will likely give you a large number of trucks, however Berkeley is an exception. As a general rule, all levels of government tried to purchase American-made vehicles whenever possible which is why you’ll find a much larger number of Chevy trucks at government auctions then at other auctions. This makes government fleet auctions one of your best opportunities to get a great deal on a quality Chevy truck. If you’re looking to buy quality trucks at Berkeley Chevy truck auctions which are held by the government then utilizing the Internet should be considered essential. The reason for this is that many governments both state and local are utilizing the Internet in order to save money. This means that you will get access to the complete auction listing online, where you likely will not if you use more traditional research methods such as classified ads.

Along with government fleet auctions, another great way to buy quality trucks at Berkeley Chevy truck auctions used to target repossession auctions. Repossession auctions always provided a great opportunity to find bargains on Chevy trucks. The reason for this is that banks are only interested in liquid assets. This means that when they repossess the vehicle, they would rather sell it – even if it’s a loss. In fact, there are now laws in California and across the country that protect banks from losing money when they sell trucks at auction. Even if you did a fantastic deal on the truck, the previous owner still has to pay off the remaining balance on the loan. This provides the perfect scenario for you to save money on a Chevy truck. Lending institutions attempt to recoup as much of the loan balance is possible when they sell their trucks at auction, but simply converting them into a liquid asset is their highest priority. As such, they will happily sell the truck for well below market value at auction.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can buy quality trucks at Berkeley Chevy truck auctions. The key is to plan ahead and find out about upcoming auctions as soon as possible. That will provide you with the maximum amount of time to research each truck that interests you and ensure that you spot a great deal when one is presented to you.

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