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If you are ready to buy a cheap Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, then it is important to make sure that you know what you are getting.  The thing that makes buying used trucks a little tricky is that every generation has its own set of features.  While the Toyota Tacoma has proven to consistently be one of the best compact pickups, every generation is a little different. 

A majority of the Tacoma’s that you will find on the used truck market will be the first generation and early second generation (current generation).  The first generation was from 1995 to 2004 and was introduced to replace the Hilux.  The focus of first generation Tacoma was ride quality, safety, and comfort rather than payload and overall durability.  This is because at the time, a majority of people who drove trucks used them for regular, daily purposes rather than towing and hauling.  Originally, they came with either a four-cylinder or V6 engine and either a 5 speed manual transmission or 4 speed automatic.  It is important to keep in mind that the first generation was much smaller than the Tacoma that you recognize today.

The second generation of Toyota Tacoma’s features a number of improvements over the first generation.  If you are looking to buy a cheap Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, then deciding which size is best will be vital.  The first generation is considered to be a compact pickup whereas the second generation falls into the mid-sized pickup category.  The current generation also offers a much wider variety in styles and options.  There are 3 different cab sizes – regular, double cab, and access cab.  There are also several trims, most notably the PreRunner and X-Runner.  If you are going to use your Tacoma to do a lot of hauling, then it is important to choose the V6 rather than the 2.7-liter four-cylinder

Being a mid-sized truck, it should be no surprise that the Tacoma’s produced after 2004 are much roomier than their predecessor.  They also feature better off-road capabilities.  Regardless of which Tacoma you choose, it will be very reliable and durable over its notoriously long lifespan.  If finances are your primary motive, then don’t hesitate to get an older Tacoma because they seem to be able to run forever.  This means that you can buy a cheap Toyota Tacoma pickup truck without worrying about how long the engine will last.

Some other things to consider when preparing to buy a cheap Toyota Tacoma pickup truck is that there is no particular year that stands out in either generation.  Essentially, there wasn’t a “bad year” which often happens to most brands.  However, if safety is a big concern, then make sure to purchase one that was built after 1997 because that is when they added the passenger-side airbags.  One of the biggest benefits to buying a used Tacoma is that price really can be one of the main criteria that you use to make your decision.  With so much stability and reliability spanning each year, an older Tacoma at a lower price, doesn’t mean lower quality.

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