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Taking advantage of Anchorage AK public truck auctions for cheap deals is easier than most people think. It has proven to be a great source for both local residents and people living in the continental United States alike. In terms of public truck auctions, Anchorage features nearly every type of truck auction available. Each type has different characteristics, which means you should expect different trucks to be made available at each one. Here’s a closer look at all of the different Anchorage public truck auctions that are held on a regular basis and what you can expect from each.

When most people think about public truck auctions, the first thing that comes to mind is general public auctions. These auctions are when people place their trucks in the auction on consignment. The biggest source for these types of auctions are normally local dealerships trying to eliminate extra inventory. Another source that most people don’t think of is residents themselves, especially members of the military. It is become more common for military families to simply enter their trucks and auction when they are forced to relocate to another base. This ensures that they sell their truck in a timely manner and with minimal hassle. In 2005, the Elmendorf Air Base, Fort Richardson, and the Kulis Air National Guard Base were combined to create JBER. In total, they employ nearly 9000 personnel and are responsible for nearly 10% of the local population.

At these types of auctions, the trucks you will find will vary greatly in terms of age, condition, and overall quality. For the most part, they offer a great opportunity to benefit from Anchorage public truck auctions. The one thing to keep in mind is that because there is such a range in the trucks available, the competition for certain units will be much more intense than others. In order to find cheap deals, you need to research every truck that you are potentially interested in. This will allow you to spot the best deals when they arise and ignore the trucks with the most competition.

Another popular type of Anchorage public truck auctions that you can find cheap deals that are repossession auctions. In some cases, these trucks will be added to general public auctions however in many cases they are held separately. When a bank or credit union repossess the truck, they immediately try to sell it on their own. In the event that they do not sell it, they will enter it into a repossession auction. The reason that these auctions are often held separately from general public auctions is because they tend to have more newer models available. Since most people who default on their truck loans do so within the first several years, there are a disproportionately large amount of late-model vehicles. If you are in the market for a newer truck, then a repossession auctions will likely be your best opportunity because with so many newer trucks available, there will likely be at least a few which will have minimal competition, which means lower prices for you.

The final type of Anchorage public truck auctions that most people know about our government auctions. It is important to note that the Anchorage Police Department as well as most other government entities have outsourced most of their auction needs. This means that local auction houses will actually oversee the auction itself. Moreover, a bulk of Anchorage auction houses host online auctions whenever possible. This ensures that the property is exposed to as many potential buyers as possible. Just as important, this is huge benefit for you because it makes it much easier to find and bid on trucks which are reliable and durable, while still getting cheap deals. Along with the local government, the US marshals service and the GSA fleet vehicle sales operate in the same manner. As a result, all of these vehicles will be sold online.

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To give you an idea of what to expect from these types of government auctions, here’s a quick look at a few of the recent listings. The trucks listed included the Chevrolet C3500, Chevrolet K2500 HD, Chevrolet K3500, Dodge Ram 2500, and the Ford F350. The age of these trucks range from 2003 two 2011 and had mileage is ranging from 8500 to 91,500 miles. All of these trucks came from the GSA fleet services auction. A subtle benefit of these types of auctions in Anchorage is that the trucks are rarely moved before auction. In the continental United States, the GSA and US marshals service tries to spread out their inventory across all 50 states in order to give everyone an equal opportunity to attend an auction. Since this would become cost prohibitive moving vehicles to and from Anchorage, all of the government fleet vehicles in the state are taken to Anchorage and not spread out among other states. As a result, there tends to be more trucks included in these listings then in other areas of the country, which means you have a greater selection and will likely have less competition.

If you live outside of the area then you may be wondering why you should consider Anchorage public truck auctions for cheap deals because you don’t want to hassle with the transportation of the truck after you buy it. Fortunately, you can benefit from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and the Port of Anchorage. The airport is the third busiest in terms of cargo traffic in the entire world and the ports manages 95% of all goods being shipped to and from Alaska. This provide you with multiple shipping options which can be very cost effective, especially considering how much you save on the vehicle itself. Additionally, when working through online auto auction websites, many of them have agreements in place with local transportation companies to package and transport the vehicle you one for a very reasonable price. This eliminated all of the hassle and headache of trying to find a solution yourself.

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